High thermal conductivity graphite and pyrolytic graphite materials for rocket nozzles, throats and chokes.

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Seals and BearingsRocket Nozzles, Throats & Chokes

Rocket expansion nozzles and inserts for propulsion systems

We have a range of high density graphite, carbon carbon composite and solid Pyrolytic graphite materials suitable for rocket expansion nozzle, throat and choke applications and propellant grain supports. We have specialized high thermal conductivity, fine grained materials which have been specifically developed for this application. 

We also offer exhaust nozzles with Pyrolytic graphite inserts to give better performance under more arduous conditions. These inserts are orientated in such away as to better withstand mechanical erosion of the hot exhaust gases whilst providing rapid thermal transfer away from the hot zone. Because the throat remains constant throughout the propellant burn, this leads to a more predictable burning of the propellant grain, even under high acceleration loads.

We have a state of the art CNC machine shop and can offer competitive prices for large production requirements or for small development quantities.













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